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VideoCommerce Essentials is a simple solution allowing any e-commerce site to create, host, and profit from online video.

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  • "Creating product videos is expensive and time-consuming. Pricey equipment, significant preparation and long editing hours" Dan G., business owner
  • "Everybody talks about the benefits of video for SEO. We've tried a few things, but have not been able to get our videos listed on Google." Shari M., SEO specialist
  • "We don't like having the YouTube player on our product page. It looks unpolished and concerned about seeing competitors' ads on our site." Loren D., marketing director
  • "All we get is 'play data'. We know how to get the eyeballs but don't know if people are buying after they watch." Tom S., business manager
eCommerce Video made easy

#1 Produce outstanding product videos that convert

MobileStudio is the core of our solution. This iOS app allows you to create simple and effective product videos in minutes. Simple workflows prompt users to record small segments of video, with MobileStudio providing clear guidelines and best practices for lighting, posture, audio and voice prompts. Once your video is ready, you can directly upload it to your VideoCommerce Essentials account for instant publishing.

  • MobileStudio works on the iPad 3 or iPhone 4 and above
  • Multiple templates to choose from and step-by-step wizards
  • Use MobileStudio indoors or outdoors

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Don't want to use an iOS app for creating video content? No problem! VideoCommerce Essentials allows you to upload existing video content directly from your desktop or downloaded from a Web link as well

  • Unlimited uploads
  • Robust encoding engine: 99.9% of all video formats are accepted
  • Performance: 95% of all uploads are encoded in 40 seconds or less
  • No storage costs

#2 Publish to your e-commerce channels in HD

Video content is entirely managed via a simple Web based interface. After your videos have been uploaded, they will be encoded in multiple video formats to guarantee they are visible on any device. Within seconds, you will be taken through an easy 3-step video publishing wizard. The publishing options are all consolidated into a single page, allowing you to push content out to a variety of channels:

  • Product, category and/or search pages
  • A dedicated video SEO gallery
  • Outside video channels such as YouTube
  • Google Webmasters (via Video Sitemaps)
  • WordPress

#3 Interact and engage with shoppers on a whole new level

Our interactive video player is uniquely designed for e-commerce allowing shoppers to engage with your videos to get the information they need to purchase a product. Not only does it capture essential e-commerce metrics, but it also collects user feedback which will help you identify areas of improvement.

  • Easily add interactive links and captions to your videos
  • Learn what customers are looking for in your videos from our custom video feedback and ratings forms
  • Social media sharing options are integrated into the player for Facebook, Twitter, and more
  • Source user generated content with webcam support via your video SEO galleries

#4 Convert more shoppers with video

YouTube and other generic video services give you great insight about video plays. Problem is, video plays don't pay the bills, e-commerce conversions do. Therefore it is critical that you know which videos are driving e-commerce revenue, then use the information to continually improve your videos focusing on the product categories where videos have the most impact. With VideoCommerce Essentials, you can:

  • Track your video ROI through revenue per video, product orders and video conversion rate.
  • Measure your video engagement with video play-through rates tracking how long the average shopper watched your video
  • Create custom video reports with our Report Builder based on video metrics as well as day, browser, country, player and more

Getting started! Get up and running in under a hour

You can start using your VideoCommerce Essentials account to create and publish videos in less than an hour after you create your free account. Every free account is loaded up with 500 plays - then you get 500 free plays every month, free of charge! After your account is set up, all you have to do is configure a quick implementation checklist including the following:

  • Download and install MobileStudio on iPhone/iPad to start creating effective product videos immediately
  • Connect your account with your YouTube channel for automatic distribution
  • Link your new Video SEO Gallery to your site
  • Insert the VideoCommerce Essentials dynamic tags on your product pages to allow for automatic product page deployment and revenue tracking. To speed up the deployment process, Magento clients can install a free VideoCommerce Essentials Magento Extension which takes care of all the implementation items.

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